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''The Star and the Story'' - Payment in Kind

Published 1956

An episode of anthology series "The Star and the Story" titled "Payment in Kind", starring Howard Duff. Sound quality is iffy. Originally broadcast 28 January 1956. (did this upload turn out OK? My computer froze while I was uploading it and I had to re-start it)

Run time 26:06
Production Company Four Star Productions
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: The_Emperor_Of_Television - - May 23, 2014
Subject: I, The Uploader, Am an Idiot
This info is of little interest to anyone, but I post it here anyway. It should provide an idea of how American series were shown in other countries during the 1950s.

In the 1950s, it was common for American filmed anthology series to be re-titled when shown in Australia. For example, it appears based on old TV listings that "Douglas Fairbanks, Jr., Presents" and "Stage 7" were combined and shown in Melbourne under the title "Chesebrough-Ponds Playhouse". "Ford Television Theatre" was shown in Melbourne under the title "Kraft TV Theatre" (no relation to the well-known "Kraft Television Theatre" that aired in the US). "Studio 57" episodes were aired in Melbourne under the title "Whitehall Playhouse" (some of these were DuMont episodes, making it the only DuMont series to be shown outside of North America). UK/US co-production "Lilli Palmer Theatre" had at least some episodes aired under the title "Everywoman's Theatre". "The Millionaire" became "If You Had a Million".

I came across a listing for this episode on a scan of "The Age" newspaper that appears Google news archive. Listed at 3:30PM for 5 January 1959 on station HSV-7, it followed the Australian-produced panel game show "That's My Desire" and was followed by live coverage of cricket. Competition consisted of the second-half of US series "Florian Zabach" (at 3:15PM) and "Kindergarten Playtime" (at 3:45PM, not sure which country it is from) on station ABV-2 (part of public broadcaster ABC). The other Melbourne station at the time, GTV-9, did not begin broadcasting on that day until 4:00PM.

The listing simply lists the series as being "Drama" . I do not know if that's the title it aired under. Other episodes aired in daytime on other days under that title included "Newspaper Man" and "A Matter of Courage".

"The Star and the Story" also aired on the station is prime-time. For example, using those newspaper scans I discovered the episodes "Ferry to Fox Island" and "Arab Duel" were shown under the title "Adult Theatre". Meanwhile, episodes like "Brief Affair", "The Lonely Ones" and "The Norther" aired on the station as part of "Whitehall Playhouse". I wish I could find out the titles used for every episode but that seems to be impossible since Google's newspaper scans are difficult to search through (my attempts to do research on "Hit Parade", a Sydney-produced ABC series that was very different to the better-remembered though likely inferior Melbourne series of the same name, has been limited by this. Ditto with other Sydney series like "Women's World" and "Teen Time", as well as Melbourne series like "Eric and Mary", a show which is possibly lost).

Some American anthology series retained their original title when shown in Australia, such as "Four Star Playhouse".

It's also worth noting that 1950s Australian television did not have the financial resources to produce a weekly anthology series of its own. Nevertheless, quite a few one-off plays were produced for Australian TV, particularly on ABC stations ABV-2 (Melbourne) and ABN-2 (Sydney). The well-received and popular "Shell Presents", which aired every three weeks on ATN-7 in Sydney and GTV-9 in Melbourne from 1959 to 1960 for a total of 12 productions, was the closest to being a regular series.